Prime manages fixed income assets for our clients according to Prime's Disciplined ApproachSM. Within this framework, each client portfolio is managed by a two person team. This approach allows for greater depth of knowledge among the portfolio managers, multiple sets of eyes on the portfolio, unparalleled accessibility for our clients to the portfolio managers, and a deep reservoir of ideas and experience.

The portfolio team is jointly responsible for risk management, seeking out and executing relative value opportunities, managing investment constraints, and ensuring the portfolio's structure is consistent with the client's specific strategy and established benchmarks.

Prime's portfolio management is an ongoing process, which reflects that investment markets are always dynamic. Our firm-wide outlook is derived through the continual reevaluation of market and economic conditions by Prime's key investment professionals. This leads to broad sector positioning and tactical trading, which have the ability to utilize both a top-down approach and bottom-up analysis.

Prime's portfolio managers then utilize that information to execute on specific strategies for each client, reflecting our customized portfolio management approach. Our process is fluid, but ultimately any investment decision will be based on what is best suited for each individual client's goals and objectives.