Prime Advisors, Inc. manages investment portfolios primarily for institutional clients. Founded in 1988, Prime has developed a disciplined approach to working with our clients to establish investment strategies that are linked to their unique financial goals and objectives.

Prime was founded with a mission to maximize after tax yield for the fixed income portfolios of insurance companies.

Prime continues to specialize in asset management for insurance companies, as a large majority of our clients are insurance companies with customized investment benchmarks. Prime does not have standard, designated products. Rather, we develop unique, customized portfolio solutions for each client’s individual needs and objectives. These portfolios are tailored to fit within company investment guidelines and are matched with customized benchmarks to track performance.

Our key employees have extensive experience in managing assets and providing investment related services to institutional investors. With those individuals dedicated to front-line service, our clients receive the full benefit of their broad knowledge and experience.

As we continue to discuss portfolio management with existing and potential clients, they often find that our investment style and strategies form a very good fit for their needs. Our focus on preserving and growing surplus while avoiding concentrated risks is attractive to most companies we interact with. We emphasize working closely with our clients and understanding what makes them unique, and that sets us apart from other companies.

Our insurance company clients are domiciled throughout the United States, Bermuda, and the Cayman Islands. This gives us a broad understanding of the regulatory environments insurers face around the country. Many of our clients maintain multiple portfolios, with the securities in each portfolio designed to meet a specific goal. Our accounting, trading, and management systems are well-equipped to handle the additional complexity that accompanies these situations. In addition, our in-house technology development team affords us the flexibility to accommodate new requests and specialized reporting requirements as they develop.